Last Name Generator

If you’re trying to work with a ton of fake data, sometimes writing the code that generates all the fake stuff, yet still makes some bit of sense is an annoying and time consuming process. I think so too. Here, have a pronounceable (I think in most cases) LastNameGenerator class to help you on your quest.

public class LastNameGenerator
        public string GetLastName()
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
            StringGetter[] Getters = Generator[rnd.Next(Generator.Count - 1)];
            bool first = true;
            foreach (StringGetter g in Getters)
                string s = g();

                if (first)
                    s = string.Format("{0}{1}", Char.ToUpper(s[0]), s.Substring(1));
                    first = false;


            return sb.ToString();

        // certainly I've missed a few
        static List<string> NonEndingConsonantChunks = new List<string>(new string []
            "b", "br", "bl", "c", "ch", "cr", "cl", "d",
            "dr", "f", "fl", "fr", "g", "gr", "gl", "gh", "h", "j", "k",
            "kr", "kl", "l", "m", "n", "p", "pl", "pr", "q", "r", "s",
            "st", "str", "sh", "sl", "sp", "sk", "sc", "sm", "sn",
            "t", "tr", "v", "w", "x", "y", "z"

        static List<string> EndingConsonantChunks = new List<string>( new string []
            "c", "c", "c", "c", "c", "c", "c", "c", "c",
            "n", "n","n", "n", "n", "n", "n", "n", "n", "n", "n", "n",
            "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s",
            "t", "t", "t", "t", "t",
            "y", "y", "y", "y", "y",

        static List<string> Vowelies = new List<string>(new string[] {

        // seed the random
        Random rnd = null; 

        public  string NEC()
            return NonEndingConsonantChunks[rnd.Next(NonEndingConsonantChunks.Count - 1)];

        public  string V()
            return Vowelies[rnd.Next(Vowelies.Count - 1)];

        public  string EC()
            return EndingConsonantChunks[rnd.Next(EndingConsonantChunks.Count - 1)];

        public delegate string StringGetter();

        public List<StringGetter[]> Generator = null;

        StringGetter[] Seq(params StringGetter [] arr )
            return arr;

        public LastNameGenerator()
            Generator = new List<StringGetter[]>();

            rnd = new Random(Convert.ToInt32(DateTime.Now.Ticks % Int32.MaxValue));

            Generator.AddRange(new StringGetter [][] {
                Seq(NEC, V, NEC, V, EC),
                Seq(NEC, V, NEC, V, NEC, V, EC),
                Seq(NEC, V),
                Seq(NEC, V, EC)}


On a sample run I get such classic names as:

Skukrapond, Nubas,
Cloudeas, Ge, Wiekleagheaw,
Houtabley, (I think this is a word)
Peaten, Nobon, Smislokien,
Clestrospus, Hoveac, Ghidriepien,
Wu (ethnically neutral),
Preacreashut (thats a good one),
Vieglakrot, Flaqorug, Ki, Joyogab, Spukrout
Leslalm, Pou , Droughaskarn ,Klocow,
Ka, Kre, Treakoun , and Koward

You can adjust the arrays, and the frequency of characters to suit your needs. Have fun.

Syntax is simple to use:

            // new it up
            LastNameGenerator gen = new LastNameGenerator();

            for (int x = 0; x < 100; x++)
                // call it forever

Edit Note: Cleaned up the vast number of newlines to make it obvious why I’ve repeated things.

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